Save Your Stuff from a Disaster  

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Save Your Stuff from a Disaster

How To Save
Your Stuff
From A Disaster

By Scott M. Haskins

"This informal, even whimsical book... is particularly valuable because of its practicality. It offers sound instruction rather than high minded scholarship to address the kinds of objects real people really have. This book is a valuable resource for reliable information."
Linda Monka,
Editor of Antiques West Newspaper, New York


How To Save Your Stuff
From A Disaster


Complete instructions on how to
protect and save your treasured family
graphs, letters, certificates, and other
family history, memorabilia, heirlooms and collectables.


Have you ever lost a possession that was dear to you in an earthquake, hurricane or fire? Porcelains that broke, a book that was ruined by water or photos that were burned or blown away? What are you afraid of loosing in the next "big one"?


This book is ammunition to fight the fight and protect the innocent... your family's history. I've been involved in nine "major" disasters: three earthquakes (Silomar 1971, Whittier 1989 and Northridge 1994), five fires (Santa Barbara 1990, 2008, Oakland 1993, 2 in 2009) and one flood (Santa Barbara 1995) and though people loose homes, cars, toys etc., by far the items for which I hear the most crying are the things that make up a person's family history... things that cannot be replaced with insurance money.


There is almost a spiritual identity that people feel for the items that tell their story, and about their parents and their ancestors. I remember when Joan Rivers was talking to Dorothy Adams of Conservation Materials Ltd. about Quake Wax on QVC TV and among the hype, hustle, lights and make up (she wore a lot!!... can we talk!?) there was a moment when Joan softened and became emotional when she realized that had she used this product, she would have saved a dear ceramic keepsake from the Northridge Earthquake. She became really quite emotional about an item that was worth very little money.


So it is with the photos, letters and certificates, portraits and lots of other "stuff" that may be unceremoniously dropped on you after Auntie passes on (of course, there are the lucky ones that inherit something valuable too). Whether you're a collector or you're old enough to be an antique yourself, there are lots of hands on, how to instructions in this book that will help you to protect and preserve your stuff. God bless you for taking your project to heart. Preserving your family's history will benefit more people than just you.


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Best wishes,

Scott M. Haskins

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