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Art Conservation and “Saving Your Stuff” focus of Daughters of Utah Pioneers Annual Meeting

Orson Pratt Family

Orson Pratt Family

The featured speaker at the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Annual Director’s Meeting in Ogden, Utah, was widely acclaimed art and painting conservator, Mr. Scott M. Haskins. For the 450 members present at the main session on the 9th of July, 2012, it was a rare and delightful experience.

This enthusiasm is easily explained when one considers the deep positive relationship between Mr. Haskins and the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, a relationship which began in 1980 when he started working on paintings in the International Museum of Pioneers’ collection in Salt Lake City.

These paintings are not only priceless works of art from the earlier periods of American history, they also vividly document the Expansionist period of the United States of America. Many of them were produced in the 1840’s (the Nauvoo Period) and preserved by the pioneers, who were responsible for transporting them across the plains. Others were made by pioneer immigrants, settling into their new homelands.

Pioneers Crossing the Platte River by Dan Weggeland

Pioneers Crossing the Platte River by Dan Weggeland

Naturally, the collections of this museum contain more than just paintings. Items that speak of the life and times of the early American peoples abound everywhere you look and, lining the walls, are photos showing an assorted variety of facial expression from those early days. Indeed, exploring the collections and content of the International Museum of Pioneers in Salt Lake City is like a beautiful journey back in time.

It is no wonder, then, that Mr. Haskins’ speech was NOT some fancy, academic dissertation on the arts. It was, rather, an endearing look at the DUP paintings with stories, photographs and slides that were not only filled with humor, but also carried important lessons for the conference attendees about the preservation of their American culture at home and their DUP museums.

Apart from being an art conservator, Mr. Haskins is also a prolific writer. Using his book, “How to Save Your Stuff from a Disaster”, he shared tips and valuable advice on ways to protect and preserve heirlooms and other family memorabilia in case of emergency situations. His speech was received with great enthusiasm.

Later, at the end of the main session, around 50 of the participants gathered in a workshop to sit privately with Mr. Haskins. They had the extra benefit of seeing more pictures and slides, having their personal questions answered and also being part of a sweepstakes drawing, where more than $2,000 worth of valuable prizes was given away. These prizes included one year’s subscription to

Mr. Haskins’ book, together with an anchoring product, Museum Wax, and an instructional CD, was sold at the event. From the profit realized, a donation of $326 was made by Save Your Stuff LLC (Mr. Haskins’ Company) to the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. Also, a website dedicated to showing various art and painting restoration and conservation projects was set up at Pioneer Art Restoration. The website, which is both educational and entertaining, is frequently enriched with new photos, stories and videos. For ease of use and convenience, you do not even have to be on the mailing list to receive updates, just sign up at the side bar and you are good to go. It is hoped that, with this website, the members of the DUP would be well acquainted with home and museum preservation methods and practices, and also that some funds would be raised along the way.

Sold to benefit DUP

Sold to benefit DUP

Mr. Haskins was very pleased with the Daughters of Utah Pioneers’ meeting. His message was well received by both the President of the DUP, other directors, as well as members present. A panel discussion was set up for all preservation experts at the event to find answers to member’s burning and sometimes emotional questions, after which the conference was brought to a close.

If you are interested in having Mr. Scott M. Haskins speak at your event or workshop, or perhaps you would like his videos, stories and tips to feature in your website, blog or newsletter, please call Fine Art Conservation Laboratories at 805 564 3438 to speak with Mr. Haskins’ Assistant, Francesca Ruggeri. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to

Click on the following link: FACL Newspaper Article to read a current article about Scott M. Haskins and his company. Do leave a comment if you find the article useful.

Click on the following link: Lab Tour for a brief video tour of Mr. Haskins’ company, Fine Art Conservation Laboratories. Kindly leave a comment after your tour.

Click on the following link: Pioneer Art Restoration to visit the Early Americana Art restoration website.

Click on the following link: Appraisals of fine art, antiques and more if you have any questions regarding art appraisal. Alternatively, you can reach Richard Holgate at 805 895 5121 for personal discussions.

Click on the following link: Preservation Coach for practical video lessons on protecting and preserving treasured items and collectibles. Kindly leave a comment if you find the videos useful.

Pioneer Children by CCA Christensen

Pioneer Children by CCA Christensen

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