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Do You Pack/Ship Art Work and Fragile Items?

One of the most frequent and easiest ways to have your stuff damaged: handling, storage and transport.

Do you SHIP art work and fragile items?  Make sure you know the PACKING RULES! You do not want it to look like this when it arrives from the east coast!  Do you have a carrier you trust?  Do you have bubble-wrap and 2 sheets of cardboard for the front and back? Do you have a crate for over-sized work? Do you have 2 boxes that allow at least 4 inches around or on each side when packed? That is…AFTER it is wrapped with bubble-wrap.
The rules:  Wrap with bubble-wrap using clear tape (a tape gun makes it easier), 1 pc.of card board on each side, front & back, then double-boxed and sent off with INSURANCE and with an experienced mail carrier!  You can also call an art transport truck if there are multiples or over-sized pieces. There are art carriers who do it for a living!  Ask us!  We are here to help you with all your preservation, conservation & restoration questions about art and of course YOUR STUFF!

Insurance seems like a good idea too, don’t you think? I’ve got 100 items in the lab right now that are covered by insurance for repair/cleaning due to mold, smoke, damage from shipping and water damage.

If this seems like too much of a bother, then that’s OK. We call it job security… for us.

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