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Do You Pack/Ship Art Work and Fragile Items?

One of the most frequent and easiest ways to have your stuff damaged: handling, storage and transport.

Do you SHIP art work and fragile items?  Make sure you know the PACKING RULES! You do not want it to look like this when it arrives from the east coast!  Do you have a carrier you trust?  Do you have bubble-wrap and 2 sheets of cardboard for the front and back? Do you have a crate for over-sized work? Do you have 2 boxes that allow at least 4 inches around or on each side when packed? That is…AFTER it is wrapped with bubble-wrap.
The rules:  Wrap with bubble-wrap using clear tape (a tape gun makes it easier), 1 pc.of card board on each side, front & back, then double-boxed and sent off with INSURANCE and with an experienced mail carrier!  You can also call an art transport truck if there are multiples or over-sized pieces. There are art carriers who do it for a living!  Ask us!  We are here to help you with all your preservation, conservation & restoration questions about art and of course YOUR STUFF!

Insurance seems like a good idea too, don’t you think? I’ve got 100 items in the lab right now that are covered by insurance for repair/cleaning due to mold, smoke, damage from shipping and water damage.

If this seems like too much of a bother, then that’s OK. We call it job security… for us.

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50 Responses to “Do You Pack/Ship Art Work and Fragile Items?”

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  17. Doyle says:

    We move a little bit of artwork in our day to day removal jobs, and it is always a tricky procedure. We mainly only do local moves of this kind, so are able to pack it safely in a removalist truck wrapped in grease proof paper, bubble wrap and blankets. Haven’t damaged a painting yet. Fingers crossed.
    Thank you for the article.

  18. Hi’
    We cary out fine art work and as a pointer you should not wrap oil paintings in bubble wrap. 1st you should wrap the canvas in greaseproof paper. Bubble wrap can make paintings sweat, especially if the vehicle the artwork is carried in is not climate controlled. So a few layers of greaseproof paper on oil paintings, then a layer of card, then the bubble wrap and then place in the appropriate case or container. Kind rgds Carlos.
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  19. John Hansome says:

    What a great post!

    @john sheffield,
    How can one decide which material to choose?

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    Very helpful tips on packing breakable material. Many thanks!

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  23. But it is vital to pick a trusted and reliable moving business, always, but especially when you have valuable items to pack and ship. Pay for a cheap shipper, get a cheap job. But just because you pay a lot of money, doesn’t mean you’ll get a good or conscientious packing job! Be interested in what the people are doing whom YOU hired to handle your treasured and valuable items and be “on them” to do it right.

  24. john sheffield says:

    Use the correct packing materials by buying of the correct supplier. Also make sure everything is water tight as well. Thanks John

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    Awesome tips given here in this article. thanks for sharing. have a nice day.Thanx

  26. Markette Cooper says:

    We ship painting, using UPS courier. Of course, when you send the goods, you have to do the packaging. Good article on the subject. Its a good idea to over pack to be on the safe side.

  27. ed brown says:

    i’ve never used a moving company that didn’t damage something in the process and I’ve never shipped anything that wound up being damaged – I guess because I packed it myself. Long story short, if you want it done properly – do it yourself.

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    When shipping goods we always suggest to use export wrap and plenty of bubble wrap on fragile items.

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  36. Scott says:

    Peter, your practice of rolling paintings is the wrong way to treat original art. There are international conferences on shipping works of art, standards set by your industry and guidelines embraced by museums and quality art handlers. You need some education. Your techniques are especially suicidal for vintage art.

  37. Jill Ferry says:

    Packaging fragile items is one of the important elements and challenging things that we do in product shipment. Therefor it is very necessary to know the rules of packaging. I like the way, this article is written. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Peter says:

    We do a bit of artwork packaging ourselves and find it’s almost always better to remove the framing from paintings then roll it and go with a rigid cardboard tube.

  39. Scott says:

    Ooooh… bad luck Natalie. We ship and have things shipped to us all the time and we almost never get anything damaged. Perhaps you should evaluate how carefully you pack the items.

  40. Natalie Sampson says:

    Its happened a few times already that some of the items that I’ve I shipped were damaged. Good suggestions here.

  41. James Brown says:

    Nice post again!! Some carriers don’t even care what the package is.. they are careless. You can write whatever you want and the outside and it seems almost like you are inviting them to trash it or steal it. How do you avoid THOSE problems when you ship art?!

  42. Scott says:

    OK Sam, thanks for the heads up.

  43. Sam Pollard says:

    Don’t trust your antique furniture, family heirlooms, or delicate chandeliers to a packaging store because more damage happens with them than any other kinds of commercial packer. Don’t believe their claims about “custom fit to your specific needs.” They employ untrained, unprofessional personel.

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    I was really interested in your posts on other blogs about being asked by the Smithsonian to be part of a delegation to go to Haiti to save/salvage art. I hadn’t heard anything about that effort. Thanks for caring and for being involved!

    I’ve been trying to help spread the word about Haiti relief through Google ( as part of my efforts at Amnesty (

    I am a big fan of yours for the efforts you make to raise funds for Humanitarian Aid… but I don’t remember where I heard about that from. Can you tell me more about it?

  47. Scott says:

    Hi Deidre,
    Yes, the Preservation Tips sign up is a great way to keep the conversation going and I promise to send you interesting stories and good usable tips.

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