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Consultation Services for Your Fine Arts

A consultation service by a fine art conservator may include, art registry, Insurance evaluations emergency damage claims and restoration and conservation.
You may need of an appraisal for an insurance claim, insurance policy needs, estate planning, probate settlement or a collection of documentations. A fine art conservator can work with your insurance company.
When a disaster occurs and your property is damaged, without records, you may not be reimbursed for the value of your loss. If your house is destroyed, or just your artwork, there will be a major loss.
You should think about how to prepare for disaster, with the earthquake and fire and floods. It’s not if something will happen close to home, but when, and how terrible it will be. Art may be registered and described.

Art Registry is tracking identification system that is attached information that is applied to your art and collectibles, the archive safe ID tag are registered in a database.
The progress of any conservation or preservation previously done on a fine art needs to be recorded. This should include changes to the frame, so that all the information on an item may be traced. This information will insure that proper care is provided in handling your artwork.
If you decided not to take the correct steps to protect your paintings or collectables, the information about your art may be lost, if it is sold. If a paintings or collectable is sold, the registration is transferred with the Art register tag.

Will you need to do this to prove the authenticity of each piece of art or collectible? To the collector it shows that their investment is not only protected from fraud, but provides a tracking service. A registry will have a cataloging for insurance. If you are unable to identify you property or, if you were to list your collection without any records, you would probably find it difficult to sufficiently describe. What if you need to have an assessment for the values of your loss? Art has more value with Established provenance – (previous ownership details), the more information that comes with art, the more interesting it is and there is added value by having confirmed information and increasing its worth for a collector.
For more information:

If you have any Questions call fine art conservator Scott Haskins at FACL 805 564-3438

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