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Free Antiques, Collectibles Appraisal Bonus


Richard Holgate, ISA Appraiser

Why do you want an appraisal of your art, antique or collectible? All appraisals are not the same! Does the appraisal need to serve legal purposes or is it for insurance purposes? Do you need a price check for a garage sale? Do you have collectibles and antiques in a household of stuff that need special attention or research? Are you buying or selling an old toy, antique dining chairs or a painting? Is your art, antique or collectible European, American, South American, Asian? Is it 19th century or 20th country? Does it need to be authenticated before it is appraised?  Do you want to sell your item and do you understand the “game” of buying and selling arts and antiques? Do you want a wholesale price appraisal or a retail price (do you know why and when you would want either)?

Sort all this out with a phone call or e-mail to Richard Holgate, Certified Appraiser and Member of the International Society of Appraisers.

This FREE written appraisal offer is for an internet appraisal based on UNSEEN or unconfirmed information that you must supply. It will NOT have the same validity as an appraisal which includes an “in person” inspection of the item. Some research may be performed but this appraisal does NOT include:

1. Authentication or confirmation of authorship, origin and time period or past documentation.

2. Details of manufacturing or construction

The consultation, research and written report for the appraisal you desire is regularly billed at $200. However, as a partner of Save Your Stuff, this service is offered as a FREE BONUS. Call now or e-mail and authenticate that you have downloaded Save Your Stuff – Collection Care Tips buy providing the first word of the title of the article on page 47.

Richard Holgate

805 895 5121

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