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Frequently Asked Questions

Will your book, Save Your Stuff, tell me how to restore my things?
No, it is not a book that teaches you how to restore antiques etc. The idea of saving and protecting valuable possessions has more to do with preventing damage and protecting your treasured collectibles. Think “risk management.” So, subjects like “shake proofing” your home and office from earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados are discussed. Also, quick, easy and inexpensive archival methods for saving photos, documents, love letters and more are explained. “Save Your Stuff” is a how-to series of books that helps you take care of the items that make up your family heritage, your company’s culture and to care for valuable collectibles. Rather than saving money by doing-it-yourself restoration (often a very costly mistake), this book helps you save vast amounts of money by limiting risk and damage and benefiting from the results.

Do you restore (books, ceramics, leaded glass, beaded garments)?
No, I am a painting conservator only. I only work on easel paintings, murals and work of art on paper. All the other suggestions, teachings and how-to instructions I give for other types of items are general professional art conservation guidelines for collection care and maintenance.

Why did you decide to write this book?
I am often asked about general care and restoration of a variety of items (One of the most often asked about items is the family bible). I have seen, since the beginning of my career, the interest by the general public in taking care of their valuable things. Then, in 1994 when the Northridge Earthquake hit, because of my reputation I was asked to write a pamphlet entitled, “How to Respond After and Earthquake to Preserve Collectibles, Old Books, Vintage Art etc.” 500,000 copies of the pamphlet were distributed throughout the HR depts of the Bank of America Corporation and then my book “How to Save Your Stuff From A Disaster” was the natural follow up. Since then several different editions of Save Your Stuff have been written for different industries and how-to videos and audio programs have been developed, always based on a requested need and opportunity to educate and serve. I believe the “Save Your Stuff message” is a socially conscious activity that contributes to society and to strengthening families. For a FREE copy of Save Your Stuff – Collection Care Tips (written for the Genealogy Industry, small history museums and private collectors) click on this link.

I’ve heard you do charitable work. What do you do?
Save Your Stuff LLC’s present main objective is to raise funds for international humanitarian aid and a significant part of profits of future sales will be funneled through organizations that put 100% of the offerings to work for the needy and who contribute themselves leveraging the contributions. We encourage others to join us… for more info, click on In the past, we have coordinated events and efforts for raising significant contributions for orphans and women’s programs in Afghanistan, for the education of underprivileged (mostly in 3rd world countries) and for diverse art conservation projects. We also contribute, personally, to our church and community both with labor and contributions.

How did you get into Art Conservation and Painting Restoration?  Here is a feature article in a newspaper that asked the same question:


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