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Affiliate Broker Info – Product Launch 2014

A major product launch is planned for October 15th – Nov. 1, 2014 by Save Your Stuff LLC. Peggy McColl’s and Bob Proctor’s acclaimed course and coaching, “Online MSI” (Multiple Sources of Income) is the revenue sharing plan being followed.

The mega industries/niches being targeted in this launch:

1. Family History, Genealogy,

2. Historical Societies,

3. Hobbies, Collectibles and Memorabilia

An Affiliate Broker’s tasks include:

1. Find/identify companies that are in-line with the message and products of this product launch, that have an e-mail list, that stay in contact with and that have an active relationship with their list.

2. Contact the company to see if the targeted company does affiliate marketing/revenue sharing promotions (Use the pre-prepared script).

3. Provide pre-prepared info/materials for targeted affiliate partners to learn more about the launch opportunities.

4. Sign up affiliate partners for product launch and make sure we get their bonus gift for the giveaways.

5. Stay in contact with affiliate partners to answer questions and to make sure affiliate partners follow through with multiple e-mailings and stay on the launch schedule.

Affiliate Brokers do not need a website, no products, no shopping cart and no computer skills other than know how to use a search engine and e-mail communications. But you must be organized… super organized.

Affiliate Brokers receive 20% of the gross revenue of sales produced by the affiliates they have signed up.

The Products and Sales Funnel

The Save Your Stuff brand is an educational company that teaches how to protect, save and preserve heart felt treasured documents, family history items, collectibles, memorabilia, heirlooms, antiques, vintage books and photos. These important-valuable (financial, historical and emotional) items in our homes and offices are often the most important things people mourn over when they are lost to carelessness and mishap or ripped from our homes in fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. These types of items represent our lives, our family members and the family’s history, our culture and identity and a myriad of psychological and inner states of being.

1. Save Your Stuff has been written/issued in 3 different multi-media e-book editions/versions to address the specific needs of the targeted specialized niches/areas of interest. For this product launch, this $27.00 high quality 200 page e-book will be given away as a free benefit by the affiliate partners to their membership e-mail lists when the member clicks on the link for the download.

2. The e-mail respondent will click through to the Save Your Stuff opt-in page, written specifically for their industry, to download the e-book. The link to the opt-in page will contain YOUR AFFILIATE BROKER NUMBER and any sales by this person will be automatically credited to you by the shopping cart software. Once the respondent opts in, then he/she will download the free e-book.

3. If the visitor does not download the free e-book they will be given a Pay Per Lead link (about $1) to click on before they leave. The affiliate broker will not receive a percentage of this revenue (see #7).

4. After the download, the thank you page will contain a $47 offer for the visitor to consider: an audio version of the e-book will be offered and year’s membership in the monthly video “club” at a discounted price. ALONG WITH THE PURCHASE, the customer will be offered an “irresistible bonus” offered by the affiliate partners which can be downloaded once a purchase is made. Some of the proposed bonus’ already suggested have been a free $250 art appraisal, free website memberships, free e-book and video courses valued at over $200.00 and more.

5. If the visitor does not purchase the offer, they will be given a Pay Per Lead link (about $1) to click on before they leave. The affiliate broker will not receive a percentage of this revenue (see #7).

6. No long relevant

7. If the visitor does buy or does not purchase the offer, they will be given a Pay Per Lead link (about $1) to click on before they leave. The affiliate broker will not receive a percentage of this revenue. It is impossible to track Pay Per Link (or lead) revenues through affiliate tracking numbers. Pay Per Link revenues are not accounted for, nor received, nor paid through the shopping cart software where all affiliate accounting is handled.

If a visitor purchases the additional options, then the total purchase will be $47 for products discounted $100’s PLUS received bonus’ valued (potentially) at $100’s for FREE. The affiliate broker would receive 20% of the purchase, the affiliate partner 40% and Save Your Stuff 40%. Several ways are being considered to enhance this funnel and the buying options for future product launches.

The goal of this product launch was to establish over 200 affiliate partners and to have them e-mail out this product launch offer to their lists containing over 8 million address’.

To this date, the process of meeting potential affiliate partners and discussing the Save Your Stuff message and product launch has resulted in an unbelievably enthusiastic response. So much so that the goals previously set have been blown out of the water. Therefore, it is possible that in order to not overwhelm the technical capabilities of the websites and shoppingcart, several smaller “test launches” may take place. “Your” affiliate partners member’s purchases will count toward your earnings no matter which launch we do. We will keep you up to date on all aspects of this launch.

You may have realized that this affiliate broker opportunity is, for you, a unique and excellent educational experience to “learn the ropes”, learn new online marketing skills, learn the inner workings of a launch… and make excellent money!

In addition, once the product launch is over (final accounting will probably take place by the end of November 2014) and you have performed your tasks admirably, I promise I will summarize the strategy, development and evolution of this launch and I will share those details and the results of the launch with you in writing.

And finally, perform well on this launch and bring good quality partners to the table and you will be invited back for the next launch (beginning of 2015).

Be a part of an amazing team! Feel the support and encouragement. Let’s make the online marketing world take notice! Come to the party!!!!

There are more details that you will need (and that we will provide). I’m sure, after reading this, you have more questions (that we will answer). But this Affiliate Broker review has been the introduction to start the process of being a broker. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW AS AN AFFILIATE BROKER FOR THIS LAUNCH.

Questions? Call Scott M. Haskins 805 570 4140 (mobile)

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