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Family History Heirlooms, Fragility and a FREE Book

Friday, September 19th, 2014

By Emma Spellman, contributing bloggerEmma Spellman, Guest Blogger

Preserving Paper: The Fragility of Family History Memories can be very important. They are reminders of people, places and experiences that have meant a lot to us. We reminisce with old friends, tell stories about our past adventures, and treasure the photos, letters and other and documents that remind us or jog our memories of the people we used to know. However, memory is not just about what we remember for ourselves. We even treasure the memories that have beeLove lettern shared with us. We keep hold of photos of family members who died long before we were born, and we preserve mementos of our own parents and grandparents, passing them on to the next generation, so that the people we have loved will continue to be remembered long after we are gone. We want to hold on to the stories we have been told, and the tangible reminders of the people who matter. This is why we need to keep hold of these family mementos. An old letter or photo can link the generations together, tell the stories and ensure that the people who created them will be remembered. Learn the tips and “how-to” take care of them with a free 205 page book you can download. CLICK HERE