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Huell Howser, Hollywood Icon Reconnect

Monday, August 23rd, 2010
Huell Howser

Huell Howser

I was in Palm Springs last Friday (It was a 118 degs!) having dinner with an art dealer and collector when, to my surprise, in through the door came Huell Howser, Hollywood Icon and host of the TV series California Gold. How long has that program been on the air!!!? Talking about staying power!


Collectibles, Heirlooms, and Preserving Memories

Monday, August 2nd, 2010


This lovely alabaster sculpture is a treasured heirloom from the owner’s mother. It was originally bought in the 1920’s in Florence, Italy and was passed down from mother to daughter.  Sadly, due to poor packing and inept storage, the center section broke into several pieces.  This greatly distressed the owner, as this heirloom was very precious to her.